Hello again!

I'm a front-end software engineer and UI/UX designer.

I love creating software that is beautiful, innovative, and a joy to use.

I'm also a father, husband, athlete, coach, and follower of Christ. Perhaps most of all, I'm a work in progress. Always evolving, always growing.

On this page, I'll expand on this question of who I am by describing / providing things like:

  • My resume (updated 01/2023)
  • Professional skills (forthcoming)
  • What inspires me as an engineer and designer? (forthcoming)
  • My computer science journey (forthcoming)
  • My design journey (forthcoming)

About this site

I'm building this site up from scratch. So I don't yet have all of the content that I have planned included here yet. In the interest of "progress over perfection", for now here's a little about the site itself.

I'm using Next.js v13 and the new app directory paradigm. This allows us to create nested layouts and more.

Note that, as of this writing, the app directory constructs in Next.js are in Beta, so I'd love to hear from you if you spot something in this site that doesn't seem to work correctly!

I'm also using Tailwind.css, including the "Prose" plugin.

For certain animations, I'm using Framer Motion. Examples include page transitions, current-nav-link underline animation, and a few "intro animations" for a couple secret pages.

For hosting, I'm using Vercel. I've previously hosted sites on Firebase hosting and Netlify. So far Vercel has worked amazingly well. For example, it automatically creates preview deployments for any of my branches on GitHub.

After building-up the initial site, I started to build other applications that I wanted to showcase on the main site (either embedded directly in the main site or deployed to a subdomain of it). These other applications have their own dependencies which I did not want to add to the main website. Additionally, I wanted these other applications to have a shared look-and-feel as my main website. These requirements led me to restructure my repository into a monorepo, powered by Turborepo. You can read more about that architecture in my top-level readme file.

Check back soon to see this site (and this page) grow!